how to make PHP lists all Linux Users?
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how to make PHP lists all Linux Users?

I want to build a php based site that (automate) some commands on my Ubuntu Server

first thing I did was going to the file (sudoers) and add the user www-data so I can execute php commands with root privileges!

# running the web apps with root power!!! www-data    ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL 

then my PHP code was

<?php    $command = "cat /etc/passwd | cut -d\":\" -f1";    echo 'running the command: <b>'.$command."</b><br />";    echo exec($command); ?> 

it returns only one user (the last user) !!! how to make it return all users?

thank you

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<?php    $output = array();    $command = "cat /etc/passwd | cut -d\":\" -f1";    echo 'running the command: <b>'.$command."</b><br />";    exec($command, &$output);    echo implode("<br />\n", $output); ?> 


Like Matt S said, that's an incredibly bad idea to allow www-data root access on your server. The slightest compromise through your web applications could allow anyone full control of your system.. A better idea would be to make separate scripts for specific accessions then use SUID permissions. This means, a specific user (in this case, www-data) must make small changes to the system through the execution of scripts. Still not a good idea, though. You may be able to job around it with suPHP although security is still a major concern..


/etc/passwd is readable by anyone, so you should be able to execute your command without having any special rights (unless PHP prevents it?)..

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