Facebook iphone connection
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Facebook iphone connection

I have the next problem with the connection:

I can't connect to one app in facebook, but when I create a new app in facebook and I change the API and secret all is going good.

The problem is that I need to connect to the first one app in facebook, the other was only to test the connection.

What could be the solution?


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Without any additional information, no one is going to be able to diagnose this with any sort of certainty.. Checking online status from an iPhone web app I would suggest checking to make sure this you've set the Facebook app to be classified as a "Desktop app" rather than a web app. How to create a GUID/UUID using the iPhone SDKIf it's not set as a desktop app, Facebook will refuse the connection.. Accessing image data from a bitmap given a pointer If this doesn't help, you need to provide any more details around the configuration of your app on Facebook and around what exactly you are doing to test the connection.. What is better: Global string or singleton?
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