What does this syntax error mean? [closed]
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What does this syntax error mean? [closed]

i got 3 syntax errors:

"syntax error before "}" token" my code was

IBOutlet UITextView *fruitDescription } 

"syntax error before "{" token" my code was

- (void)viewDidUnload { 

"syntax error before "{" token" my code was

- (void)dealloc { 

Any ideas?

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There should be a semicolon after. sectioned UITableView
IBOutlet UITextView *fruitDescription 
Always try to fix the first error message you see first and recompile. Cocoa-touch - implementation files?Subsequent errors must go away by fixing the first one.. Run javascript without UIWebView possible?
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In the first case, if you were endeavor to declare a variable, I suspect the problem is this you're missing a semi-colon:.
IBOutlet UITextView *fruitDescription; 
I don't know what the second and third bits of code are meant to be doing, so it's hard to say how you should change it... please post more of the code, and explain what you want it to be doing..


Missing semicolon after.
@property(nonatomic,retain) IBOutlet UITextView *fruitDescription                                                               ^^^^^ 

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