Attaching another modem to an iPhone or gPhone
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Attaching another modem to an iPhone or gPhone

I have an idea in mind where a device such as an iPhone or gPhone is attached to a satellite modem for use when out of GPRS/UMTS range.

Would such an idea be feasible, and what are the high level steps towards implementation?

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Not sure around the Apple side, I don't think they want you to connect to another netjob access points.. Creating a Navigation View inside the standard Flipside view? On the gPhone / Android side, if your sat phone supported bluetooth tethering, it should be possible, maybe with any thing like this:. =product&product_id=16179&category_id=268.


If you want to did this on the android platform, assuming your satelite phone has a bluetooth modem, you will have to wait till they actually integrate bluetooth properly into the API, unless you want to did any lower level programming..

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