Website Theme for IPhone - What are The Basic Ingredients?
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Website Theme for IPhone - What are The Basic Ingredients?

Has anybody made a website theme for the iPhone?

Please let me know any tips or resources.

Here's my theory: How to make a website theme for iPhone

  1. Create a website theme designed for desktop monitors. Try not to make any element larger than 320px (iPhone screen resolution).

  2. Create 2 style sheets. One for desktop monitors and another for iPhone. By default, the desktop version of the style sheet is called. The iPhone style sheet would display items in such a way that they fit inside the 320px resolution.

  3. Create JavaScript file that detects Screen Size. If screen size is less than than 321px, then the style sheet is replaced by the iPhone version style sheet.

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Check out IUI which provides a very iPhone like UI for your website/application. (Free!). Examples:.

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