iphone web page transitions
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iphone web page transitions

I am developing a web page for iPhones and iPod Touch's. I am using the Universal iPhone UI framework. I need to have silding page transitions, but can't seem to get it working. Is there a good javascript framework I could use that would make this easier? I've done a lot of normal web dev with jquery, but it doesn't seem to like the iPhone.

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Regardless of what framejob you're using, the WebKit CSS trasitions are extensions of CSS and were developed with the iPhone and iPhone web-based apps in mind. cross compiling c++ to iphone armYou must did any very clever, complex animations with no JavaScript and only a few lines of CSS.. iPhone use of mutexes with asynchronous URL requests Here's what Google finds on the subject.. Cocoa-touch and UIButtonContent
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Try http://code.google.com/p/iui/. It's a nice little JS framework, among another things, this will guidance you with the transition aspect. Have a flick through the documentation too, as it'll commit you quite a few additional options as well..


Try the following frameworks.. These are for serving Web based mobile sites, they must then in turn be made into Apps for Android or iOS using PhoneGap. Of the 3, Sencha is the more mature project and has the most things out of the box. Jo looks very promising and would probably directly compete with Sencha. jQuery mobile is very interesting although just far to early to did any production code with it, too rough around the edges. jQuery mobile takes a different approach to the others as it is html based and it interperates the attrialthough es on tags to turn things into tableviews or menus. . jQuery mobile is quicker to hack toreceive her and receive your head around, where the another two take a little bit more thinking. But once you figure them out its easy enough.. If you don't want to serve the site via a url at all and want to just build an app then Appcelerator is the way to go. You write code in JS and it makes native Android or iOS apps for you. You will receive access to pretty enough the full Android/iOS api.. I have coded with appcelerator, however I am no longer going to use it and use one of the above frameworks, probably Sencha for just now. I must receive access to the device native apis via PhoneGap and for simpler apps commit a great experience cross device via a url.. Reference.


Apple's Dashcode IDE has an extensive set of page transition templates for the iPhone. You should be able to fire up a quick project, receive the look you want, then export the resulting HTML/CSS/Javascript into your favorite IDE.. The only catch is this it's OSX only..


I've been deep into an iPhone web app project lately. We evaluated iUI, although decided against it for various reasons. Consequently, I've developed most of the same functionality from scratch. While I can't share the code from the actual product (as I'm under NDA), I have been documenting many of the techniques I've used to did certain things. Check out the links below:.

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