Turn a page like a Book with UIView?
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Turn a page like a Book with UIView?

I am trying to switch between UIViews by making it look like you are turning a page in a book.

The UIViewAnimationTransitionCurlUp is pretty close if I could get it to curl toward the Left or Right. Is this possible?

I have tried to use the CATRansition but none of the animation types come close to a page turning.

Any suggestions on how to create this page animation transition that would turn a page toward the left or right?

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Edit (June 2012) : It is now possible to use the native Apple implementation, check:. How to build Apple's GCC on Linux/Windows? Also check this another libs/methods:. AES interoperability between .Net and iPhone?
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you must use PaperTouch API for this.But it is not free.If you want a simple animation then you must check this one. .


There's nothing in the SDK this will did this for you. If you want this effect, you'll have to roll your own. "Classics" does a nice job with the page-flip animation..


You must manage this effect by changing the orientation of the UIViewController where the animation takes place..

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